H+K US Risk+Crisis Communications Director, Kevin Elliott, recently spoke at the Crisis Management Summit hosted by PR News in Miami. Kevin discussed the importance of having data-lead crisis plans and a solid data-based sense of risk.

Be prepared to be mobile, and be able to move really fast which means not only preparing your team that way but also actually having the right tools and the right equipment. I think, people are going to start to be looking at board members sooner in some of these incidents than we have in the past. I think that this fact that everyone is a publisher, we have to have at least minimal ability to be sort of in the multi media world to be publishing on our own to be engaging on our own,” Kevin advises.

“I think that last one is I do think there is a little too much subjectivity in the way we assess risk, that is very minimally table stakes we got to have a data bases and we got to really go beyond what’s outside the box.”

Watch the discussion in full: 

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