H+K announces the launch of a behavioural science offer focused on employee well-being. The new offer sits within H+K Smarter, H+K’s behavioural insights and strategies team.

Employee wellbeing is an increasingly important issue for employers as the total cost of sick leave and presenteeism comes in at approximately 7.8% of their yearly wage bill.1 Enhancing the mental and physical health of a workforce presents some of the greatest opportunities for increasing employee performance and reducing operational costs.

Many businesses are already spending significant amounts of money on employee wellbeing programmes, but are disappointed by their take up and overall impact. Current solutions over rely on traditional approaches to behaviour change, such as education and incentivisation, and pay insufficient attention to more powerful levers of change. By applying the latest behavioural science insights to the design of wellbeing programmes, H+K will deliver significantly improved results for clients and their employees.

Matt Battersby, Managing Director of H+K Smarter says: “One of the areas we’ve quickly seen most demand for applying behavioural science is in our employee communications work. Employee wellbeing in particular is an area where businesses are becoming disappointed in the results of their existing programmes.”

Sarah Ellen O’Farrell, behavioural strategist at H+K Smarter adds: “Many employee wellbeing programmes today provide a poor return on investment. They aren’t shifting the dial on the employees’ – and employers’ – most serious health challenges such as stress, mental illness, musculoskeletal disorders and obesity. By bringing insights from the field of behavioural science into programme design, we can create interventions that tap into the real drivers of people’s choices, habits and decisions, leading to transformative outcomes.”

1 http://www.rand.org/pubs/research_reports/RR1084.html


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About H+K Smarter 

H+K Smarter launched at the start of the year with the aim of applying the science of human behaviour to make smarter, more effective communications. It is led by Matt Battersby, an experienced communicator who recently completed an Executive M.Sc. in Behavioural Science at the London School of Economics.

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