In 2016 Dunkin’ Donuts (DD) needed to boost brand recognition and get more customers in to their units in Sweden. A market survey showed that people had poor knowledge about their presence and locations. We knew that Swedes love their fika and they love American products and trends. Sweden is also a land of caring people. Meanwhile Sweden’s first responders were getting pummeled, both in media and in the streets. We realized it was time to highlight the need to sometimes say thanks, and do it in the most Dunkin’ way possible. The campaign consisted of three phases. Phase 1 was a guerrilla activity where we thanked the First Responders by delivering fresh coffee and donuts. Phase 2 was aimed at the public when we asked them who they wanted to thank. Phase 3 included influencers and food magazines. The campaign was rolled out in DD’s Facebook and Instagram and created a massive engagement both in their own channels and outside. The choice of thanking the police turned out to be a very bold and provocative one, leaving no one untouched, which pushed the campaign forward organically.

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