In 2013, we were challenged by Amb3E, a non-profit organisation aimed at recycling electronic equipment, to redesign its annual communications campaign. The following year, building on our successful communications work, we were further challenged by Amb3E to actively encourage and incentivise teens and school children to hand-in and donate electronic waste equipment (WEEE). We set about creating an integrated online-to-offline campaign which saw the use of a number of media channels, including the participation of local schools and home donations.

We decided that we would need a strong digital campaign running parallel to offline events to encourage donations.

Online, our strategy aims to build up momentum around the campaign with a Facebook & YouTube page, endorsement from handpicked KOLs, videos and online communities, and a POW leader board, making the topic of WEEE recycling fun, enjoyable and a touch competitive.

Although we also realise that without the involvement of schools and families, our ultimate goal of e-waste collection would be fruitless. Our target audience of teens and school children typically have high-levels of engagement on online platforms, but do not generally have the means to travel to collection banks or recycling centres. By rewarding collection at homes and schools, each and every child and teen is able to play a role in helping to reduce the environmental impact of e-waste, spurred on by peer involvement.

As this was the first year that Amb3E was using digital tools to actively collect e-waste, we needed to have a strong online presence from the outset. The final result is an insight driven, multi-layered online campaign that ensures we have the breadth and depth to filter across multiple platforms.

To drive our online presence forward we chose three KOLs who had made a particular impact in the previous year’s campaign. In order to make it interactive and competitive we created an online POW leader board & currency conversion tool, and to make it fun and engaging we created Facebook & YouTube pages to host videos and content. On top of all this we also followed up with direct mail to interact with each and every participant.

As of March 2015 we have successfully managed to over double our end target of 15 tons of recycled WEEE, with 35 tons collected.

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