Client: LG Electronics India

Category: India, Marketing to Consumer (New Product), Consumer Products/Services


PR Objective:

 To launch LG’s flagship smartphone – LG G2 – and position it as a competitor to other flagship products present in the market across brands.

  • To position LG as one of the top 5 Smartphone brands in India by establishing its prominence in the smartphone category and ensuring it garners great traction in the market via media appreciation and support.


Strategic Approach:

  • Demonstrate leadership by launching smartphones that drive the mobile industry forward, highlighting technology breakthroughs
  • Leverage existing trust by re-iterating the diverse product portfolio and create excitement around LG’s growing product line
  • Differentiate from competitors by highlighting innovative key features of products such as the Rear Key, Full HD, Knock On, OIS Camera, Guest Mode and the 2.26 GHz Processor.
  • Key stakeholders to be engaged at different stages of the communication program for – traditional media, bloggers, reviewers, retailers and consumers.


The strategy was taken care of in three stages: Pre-Launch, Launch and the Post Launch.



  • Getting the media to cross borders and attend the event at a venue outside Delhi.


The Process: 

  • Pre-Launch: Unboxing Videos of G2: To create a buzz around G2’s specifications and features, the review units of the device were seeded with bloggers and reviewers, namely, iGyaan, Unleash the Phones, Android Devices and Technix Media.
  • Launch: A press conference with the most influential press media and bloggers from across the country in attendance, to engage with LG spokespersons and experience firsthand the new LG G2 smartphone. In a detailed demo session, the various features of the G2 were explained, along with its design philosophy. An interactive session was arranged between the media (print, broadcast and online) and the LG spokespersons. An ‘Experience Zone’ was set up where the media (print, broadcast and online) got a feel of the G2 followed by some exclusive 1:1 media interactions with Mr. Soon Kwon, MD, LG India.
  • Post-Launch: A three-month aggressive PR campaign which included product reviews/feedback, product shoot, product placement etc. post the launch of G2, garnered significant media impressions, in terms of large format business stories, reviews and positive comment in comparison with competition.


Activity Result:

  • The launch event campaign garnered 59 print, 151 online, 72 blogs and 10 broadcast
  • By the end of the three-month campaign, G2 garnered 75 product reviews– 28 print and 47 online/ blogs. The number of positive reviews and significant social media buzz, combined with the brilliant technology behind it, helped the LG G2 sweep away all the major Smartphone Awards in India, including the ‘CNBC Tech Guru Awaaz Top Smartphone of 2013 Award’ and the ‘Stuff India Award’.
  • The G2 also got featured on The Times of India’s Top 20 Gadgets of 2013.The rear-end design of LG G2 became a rage on social sites with people discussing this never-seen-before innovative feature.
  • The G2 also received some very good feedback from top technology bloggers in India, like Clinton Jeff (Unleash the Phones), and Varun Krishnan, Fonearena. Tremendous buzz around the event was created on Twitter and facebook as multiple tweets, Facebook updates and YouTube videos about the event/product were generated.


Key Talk Points:

  • The LG flagship smartphone, LG G2 is a competitor to the likes of Samsung S4, Galaxy Note 3, and Sony Xperia Z1. It has a unique rear-key design.
  • LG expects to garner revenue of up to Rs. 200 crore by 2014 from the G2 and plans to launch about 30 new smartphones by the end of 2014 and capture 10% market share in India by the end of 2014.
  • LG is focused on high-end smartphones, but will also introduce smartphones at lower price points. LG has earmarked a 100-crore spend for marketing, retail and channel activities this fiscal.


Success Story: 

  • A total of 201 media persons from print, online and broadcast attended the launch event. There was tremendous hype about the newly launched G2 on the internet. The event garnered excellent coverage and made the phone a favorite amongst the technology media and phone reviewers winning it multiple awards for best smartphone over competitive brands that are market leaders in the space.



  • The LG G2 launch has helped LG position itself as one of the top smartphone players in India. The campaign helped LG carve a niche for itself in the smartphone innovation space, and gain a massive reach, thanks to the numerous print and online stories and social media conversations. The campaign also helped LG gain widespread recognition by bagging prestigious awards like the CNBC Tech Guru Award, the PC Smartphone of 2013 Award and the Stuff India Award. The recognition in turn, significantly helped LG increase the sales of LG G2.

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