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  • Wrest back the technology leadership title for LG, a position it usurped after a dream debut in India but then lost to competitor Samsung. Create a platform that is a show of strength — a technology extravaganza showcasing all their products under one roof. Invite all lifestyle and tech media/bloggers pan India.
  • To also oust competition and bag the ‘innovator’ tag, by announcing the world’s first products developed for Indian consumers specific to combat Indian conditions – for instance the Mosquito Away Air Conditioner that would deal with the mosquito menace, and the illness that comes with it as well as the Powercut Evercool Refrigerator — a savior in the times of extended power outages in the country.
  • Put on a MIGHTY display ALL 270 LG’s products across categories (existing and futuristic) in one big venue with live demos, deep dive sessions and firsthand experience of LG’s technology leadership in the consumer electronic space.
  • To leverage the LG Tech Show (being a one of a kind media property hosted only in India) to take forward LG as the innovation and technology leader whose core strength is building new-age innovative products based on consumer behavioral patterns and insights.



The LG Tech Show 2014 was the second edition of LG’s India-only property to take LG’s brand story forward. The LG flagship event displayed LG’s entire futuristic product lineup for the Indian market in 2014, across categories. Woven around the theme of ‘Technology and Innovation’, the Tech Show 2014 highlighted of LG’s cutting-edge technology and innovative approach that won it market dominance in India. The forum served as an experience zone for top technology media, bloggers, reviewers and publications from across the country, invited to take a peek into the latest technological advancements and futuristic next-generation devices. It served LG’s purpose of reaching out to a diverse range of audiences, through traditional and digital media as well as influencer groups. Besides it also paved the way to get firsthand feedback and insights from experts in the field.




  • A venue that was almost 40 kms away from major media houses in the city.
  • Journalists who had attended the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January 2014 and the Mobile Word Congress in February 2014 had already seen the products just a few weeks before the event. Getting quality media to revisit the products was a major challenge.


PR Approach:

  • A Press Conference with a huge Experience Zone with over 270 products displayed to highlight LG’s product-leadership, and unveil LG’s 2014 India product lineup
  • Select press interactions with Mr. Soon Kwon, M.D., LG India and other leadership across product categories
  • Influential media from across the country was invited to come and see and experience for themselves the products, and interact with the LG spokespersons


Quoted Feedback from the Media:


  • “The Tech Show was a well-organized technology spectacle. The smartphones and gadgets displayed were a treat to the eyes.”

Yuthika Bhargava, The Hindu


  • The Tech Show was a very well organized show. The products across categories displayed under one roof, along with excellent products demos, was truly a treat.”

Jawed Anwar, The Times of India


  • The Tech Show is a great opportunity for tech enthusiasts to experience various products under different categories, first hand. The demo sessions, too, were very well-done.”

Sangeeta, Techmagnifier



Event Highlights: 

  • Over 186+ media attended the event, including representatives from 37 regional publications, 24 magazines, 24 broadcast channels and 34 bloggers
  • Key messaging for the event landed perfectly by the media, both at the corporate and product level.
  • 85 online and print media talked about how LG displayed its state-of-the-art products at the Tech Show
  • 7 Online + print media talked about the crisp displays and vivid viewing experience of the displayed LG TVs
  • 68 Online + print media talked about LG’s innovation in the smartphone space
  • 8 Online + print talked about LG’s foray into the fitness category with LG LifebandTouch
  • Total impression garnered from the event – Print – 63, Broadcast – 62, Blogs + Online – 142
  • There was enormous social media sensation generated for the event – The LG India Tech Show was a top Trending activity on twitter

Client Achievement: Landing the right messages 

  • With LG, life is actually good. Award-winning products and unique technologies became the proof-points of the LG brand promise to consumers.
  • India features amongst LG’s top five priority markets, and LG has continued to employ its technological and design expertise to bring impressive products that have relevance to the Indian market.
  • LG’s is committed to developing innovative end-to-end solutions for consumers’ technology needs.


The Tech Show 2014 reaffirmed LG’s strong association with Indian media community, developed over years. Appreciation about the show on the concept, product line-up and opportunity extended to media, garnered positive stories for weeks. This was an extensive exercise to bring the whole (key) media community to come face-to-face with the company, interact and experience its products at once; create & sustain a strong relationship with the brand.

All in all it was a win-win situation for both LG and the Media.

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