Moving audiences to feel, believe and understand.

The success of any strategic communications effort hinges on the persuasiveness of the story being told. Narratives that are deeply relatable have the power to galvanize opinions, change behaviours and build the winning conditions to achieve a desired outcome.

ProPEL+ is our proprietary approach to crafting compelling corporate and campaign narratives that optimize our clients’ persuasive impact with the audiences that matter most to their business – from customers and employees, to governments, regulators and key opinion leaders.

Grounded in Aristotle’s time-tested concepts of pathos, ethos and logos, the methodology utilizes primary and secondary research to identify the strongest appeals of emotion, credibility and logic for each target audience. These insights are used to build a cohesive story arc of overarching themes, which becomes the basis for all communications, ensuring consistency and impact. Each theme of the story is further developed with a series of key messages, which are tailored for individual audiences and substantiated with evidence and support that can be drawn upon as needed. Once complete, the story is tested and refined through internal or external focus groups, elite stakeholder interviews, public opinion research, or other methods.

We’ve employed ProPEL+ to help clients across a range of industries to tell powerful stories – from launching a new product line for one of the world’s best known food companies to introducing a $20 billion municipal infrastructure plan and advocating for policy and regulatory changes in transportation, healthcare, education and financial services.

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