1Who stole the development aid money? An information campaign in the form of a digital code game ment to increase the knowlegde and awareness about Norwegian development aid for education.

Research showed that Norwegians under the age of 30 had the lowest levels of knowledge about development aid. To reach this demographic we used channels that would engage young adults to learn more about the topic.

Our concept, Daron – The hunt for knowledge, is a digital code game that takes the players on a journey to the areas of the world that Norad collaborates with. Players collect points for each code they are able to solve.

Daron - Up for the challenge?


Throughout the campaign period, during spring 2016, thousands of Norwegians frantically looked for help in solving the puzzles. There were hundreds of comments on a variety of blogs, forums and Facebook groups, where players asked each other for guidance. In the end, Norways best code cracker was named.

Strategic and operative

Our strategic work consisted of an interest analysis, concept development, design, content production, studies, media plans, PR, evens and campaign evaluation. Our friends at Dekode and Gefühl worked closely with us to develop the game.

The end results showed an increase of 8 percent in the general knowledge about Norad,  a more positive attitude towards the work that Norad does and a 16 percent increase in the knowledge about development aid for education. Over 130 000 people visited Daron.no and 568 413 puzzles and tasks about Norad and Norwegian development aid, were solved.


Daron - the Game


Daron – The Quest for Knowledge from Gambit H+K on Vimeo.

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