With less than half the Australian population understanding that the Australian Paralympic Committee (APC) is a charity, it faced an uphill battle to educate the public and concurrently increase donations. H+K worked as part of a multi-agency team on the APC’s Believe campaign that asked the public to ‘Pledge your Belief’ and support an individual athlete or team.

With the Sochi 2014 Winter Paralympic Games on the horizon, the initial campaign target was to raise $200,000. H+K managed all communications surrounding the campaign launch including messaging, campaign copy, stakeholder communications and launch materials. This also involved owning the single mode of publicity for the campaign – media – teeing up several high-profile interviews to drop on launch day, with many more in the pipeline.

H+K not only helped get the word out about the APC being a charity but also opened up the channels of conversation from the APC to the public, its sponsors, athletes, the media and its current supporters.

Through a successful launch, the campaign has laid timeless foundations for communicating, that will extend to all campaigns and announcements that the APC undertakes for years to come. The objective was to increase giving to the APC and within a month of the campaign launch, the APC received over $30,000 in donations. The donations proved essential in helping get the Team to the Games.

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