Every now and then, H+K like to sing our own praises for the work we’ve done for a client, and this is one of those rare times… We’ve really smashed it out of the park for the Australian Senior Insurance Agency (ASIA), if we do say so ourselves.

In the last couple of months, we embarked on a particularly ambitious project for ASIA, one which saw us cross-pollinate closely with our content arm Colloquial and develop a very strategic, staggered media outreach plan. We kicked things off by formulating a hefty piece of market research, polling thousands of Australians on some very interesting subject matter with some unusual questions. And the responses to the results of the ASIA surveys have not only generated a very illuminating and surprising snapshot of modern-day Australian society, but importantly, has proved a massive PR boon for the client once we packaged them up and took them to media.

Without doubt the biggest story to emerge from the poll, and one which has captivated the imagination of news outlets and resonated with a lot of Australians, is how the pressures of raising a family are now being passed on to Aussie grandparents. As a result, they are increasingly bearing the burden of unpaid childcare work and, for many, it is now adversely impacting on their golden years – to the point, many of them wish they could be paid for it.

The numbers and the sheer reach of the story speak for themselves, but just in the last 24 hours, H+K’s media relations team were able to leverage the content generated by the research polls to secure the following coverage…

  • The hero feature on the home page on every Fairfax online metro newspaper
  • The front page story on the cover of yesterday’s The Age (Wednesday February 3, 2016)
  • The number-one ranking news story on Mamamia
  • The inclusion of both our animated and static infographics in editorial coverage – including TV coverage
  • Over 336 pieces of coverage achieved to date
  • An estimated circulation of 13,908,633
  • Mass coverage across TV, print, online news & radio
  • Exceeded our KPIs on reach by 3,656,633
  • The inclusion of a brand spokesperson’s quote in 67% of the coverage
  • The brand name mentioned in 100% of coverage
  • In 99% of online coverage, there was a direct link to the client’s website
  • And most importantly for the client’s objective, we oversaw a total reach of the call-to-action URL of 11,833,633
  • Lastly, evening news on all three commercial networks, as well as The Project, all covered it on their show

Naturally, the client is delighted.

Led by our intrepid Account Director Ashley Mawer, this was no easy feat by the team, coming as it did after a solid two-month push with a key media partners, a massive push to translate data-heavy written materials into snappy, digestible and compelling stats, facts and insights, not to mention the challenging logistics involved in marshalling nation-wide case studies and spokespeople audits.

To check out the study, click here.

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