Our client was launching a new Kiwi cider – Applejacks – which has been “cut” with 42BELOW vodka so it’s not so sweet into the Aussie market – one currently saturated with “boutique” ciders.

Starting off with a paid , demographically targeted Facebook campaign, using fun, engaging and irreverent copy, we lured our potential “taste-testers” (read: influencers) in with the promise of free cider.

In the end, over 2500 people signed up.

They were directed to a custom-built website, and asked to befriend “Jack Applejacks” personal profile on Facebook as well as the brand page.

AS our “Jack Applejacks” avatar befriended them, we increasingly,we upped the ante on their social media missions in order to win more booze and the invitation to exclusive events, narrowing our pick down until we arrived at ideal brand champions (ie. early adopters).

The early Facebook campaign itself generated a 50 per-cent successful engagement rate , and is proving to be demographically bang-on.

Jack Applejacks now has over 1200 friends, and the brand page nearly 600 likes.

There has been strong social activity, with our selected “Jackers” generating great online content – from videos, illustrations, pictures and posts, and sharing with their friends.

Friends and likes continue to grow, with the homepage also garnering 6,257 unique hits in the first 45 days.
The brand now has a cult following on Facebook.

Consequently, APPLEJACKS has been picked up by multiple key venues and outlets, as well as being endorsed by a number of music festivals and dance events – from LOVE CLUB, Astral People, Tasmania’s Party in the Paddock,  MTV/Oxfam’s Gigs For Good and more.

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